Many of our wonderful guests whom choose to stay on holiday with Best Villas may decide to lounge around their large villa grounds and soak up the panoramic sea views or dine out on the terrace “Al-Fresco” style. Then immerse themselves into a beautiful dusk orange sunset. 

As great as that is, there is so much more to see in Lanzarote and plenty of things to do whilst on your holiday.

Take a look below at some of Lanzarote’s most creative volcanic landscaping works. These ancient earth carvings have to be visited, especially The Timanfaya National Park at dusk with its watercolour of dark reds and fiery oranges blazened onto Lanzarote’s own black canvas. It really is something to be marvelled.

If landscape is not your thing then there plenty of other places to visit in Lanzarote, such as the Bodegas. (Thats a vineyard where you can taste the grapes.) There are plenty of vinyards across the island so you will have the opportunity to visit many different wine regions during your stay.

Still To Much Excitement For You?

Then it is of to some of the best beaches in Lanzarote. The golden sandy beaches of Papagayo await you. Laze away the days surrounded by turqoise blue crystal clear water and lots of little fishes.



Papagayo Beaches

Mirador del Rio

Cueva de los Verdes

Timanfaya National Park

Best Beaches


Best Beaches in Lanzarote

Holiday Villas With Swimming Pools

Best Villas hosts some of the most luxurious & boutique villas available in Lanzarote. If beaches are not your thing you can take peace of mind knowing that all our best villas have amazing heated swimming pools.

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Lanzarote Municipalities

The island is divided into seven regions

Places of Interest

There is lots of places to visit in Lanzarote and plenty of attractions to keep you busy. Check out our list of our top places of interest and some of the most popular attractions to visit.


Wine Regions Lanzarote

The valley of La Geria is one of the most visited of all the wine regions found across Lanzarote. La Geria is the main wine-growing region on the island, occupying about 52 square kilometres and stretching along either side of the road from Masdache all the way up to Uga. The main vineyard was founded at the end of the 19th century by the famous Rijo family and is now currently run by the Melian family. You are bound to notice the unique grape cultivation method that is used here on Lanzarote that after many centuries has resulted in a very prosperous wine industry, renowned for outstanding wines, which can all be tasted and bottles purchased in an ever increasing number of local winegrowers bodegas that are spreading across the island.

Famara & Mirador Del Rio

If your into surfing, long boarding, wind surfing or any other water sport. Famara is the places to visit. There are plenty of surf schools and equipment hire places that will get you trained up to ride your first wave.

Private and Tranquil Villas

unspoilt panoramic ocean and mountain views

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