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The Valley of La Geria is one of the most visited of all the wine regions found in Lanzarote.

The main wine growing region on the island, occupies about 52 square kilometres…

Since the end of the 19th century. The main vineyard in Geria was owned by the famous Rijo family and is now currently run by the Melian family.
This area produces most of Lanzarote’s excellent wines. Three quarters of which are from the Malvasía grape.
This famous grape is one of the oldest grape varieties on record. The wine is a rich coloured and generally tastes very sweet.
La Geria itself has become a popular visitors attraction. As a natural piece of landscaped art.
Located on the edge of the volcanic badlands and covered with layers of black volcanic ash. The vineyards of La Geria valley like they transplanted here from another world. The Lanzaroteños had to find more and more ingenious ways of cultivating the vines on this arid ground. Especially after the eruptions of Timanfaya


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The vineyards of La Geria valley look like they have just been transplanted here from another world

and produces most of Lanzarote’s excellent flavoured wines.

The grape vines are then planted one per hollow, filled in with soil and then another thick layer of picón is added over it, as the porous volcanic stone retain humidity extremely  well.

The grapes roots eventually reach down through the bottom of the cone and after some time reach nice rich fertile soil from before the volcanos covered it up. In order to protect them from the constant trade winds and drying out, semi circle rock walls were erected all around them.

Many slaves were found to dig more than 10,000 cone-shaped hollows into the 10 foot thick layers of volcanic ash back in the day.

This unique cultivation method resulted in a very prosperous wine industry, renowned for excellent wines, which can be sampled today and purchased across the Island in a number of local winegrowers’ bodegas (wine shops).


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Take a look below at some more of the earths creative works. These volcanic hidden gems of Lanzarote have to be visited, especially early evening with its watercolour sunsets across a landscape of deep blood red and fiery orange colours set into Lanzarote’s own volcanic canvas. A photographers dream landscape.

Mirador del Rio

Cueva de los Verdes

Timanfaya National Park

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