Jameos del Agua

Harmony with Nature

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Jameos del Agua in Lanzarote is located within the volcanic tunnel created by the eruption of La Corona Volcano.

An Experience Of A Life Time.

Discover your inner adventurer as you enter the caves and begin your journey into the underworld…


Los Jameos del Agua, like La Cueva de los Verdes, is located within the volcanic tunnel created at the eruption of  La Corona Volcano. Jameos del Agua is close to the newly formed shoreline and gets its name from the green lake that is found deep inside the tunnel.

 A very unique volcanic geological formation.

The cave lake lays below sea level, so water filters naturally into it through the volcanic rock over many many years.

The lava tube that formed at the eruption of La Corona Volcano is one of the longest in the world. There are at least three “Jameos” or openings that have been discovered thus far that you can actually get access to and go inside of the volcanic tubes.

 “Jameo Chico”   “Jameo Grande”   “Jameo Redondo”


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Jameos Del Agua

Centre of Art, Culture and Tourism


Due To The Unique Nature Of Jameos Del Agua

Environmental protection measures were put in place. Declaring them as a Site of Scientific Interest.

Aswell as those protective measures. The site is also registered as being a Site of Cultural Interest. Which, like other creative works by César Manrique in Lanzarote, is due to its value as a heritage site.
Jameos del Agua is the Centre of Art. Culture and Tourism. Created by local artist and super hero César Manrique. Reflecting one of the cornerstones of all his work: harmony between nature and art.
New installations are set up regulary for private functions. Such as the museum of the “Casa de los Volcanes”. (one of the most important scientific research facilities in the world). The centre also conducts scientific and educational work in the field of geology.


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